dimanche 21 avril 2013

Breakfast from the Boulangerie

Buying the daily bread is so much a part of the French way of life and in a world full of ever bigger supermarkets, the French boulangerie is indeed special.  Some are tiny and workaday, others are altogether more sophisticated, selling elaborate and tempting pastries, fruit tarts and chocolates.  Our village boulangerie is of the tiny, workaday kind but on Sunday mornings there are croissants, pains aux chocolats and pains aux raisins on offer... Who could resist...!

dimanche 14 avril 2013


The palest of blossoms..  such delicate shades that last for only a few days.  The weather is really warming up now so everyday sees the garden unfurl before your eyes!



More on the theme of white..  a lovely local soft goats cheese, a just ready Camembert and a homemade white sourdough.  A perfect lunch!

jeudi 11 avril 2013


Spring rain makes everything so green..  Nettles are shooting up..

.. and so are all the herbs which have been in hiding all winter.  Chives are racing ahead and are at their very best just now.. As you can see, we've been snipping them for a while now!

Lovage is just coming through..

As are feathery fennel and lovely lemon verbena.

Seeds are waiting to be sown but just too wet today..

So... here's another kind of green to end a wet day in the Dordogne!


dimanche 7 avril 2013

Sunday Morning Brocante

What is it about brocante...  Always worth a browse because you never know what you might find... Verteillac has a brocante fair on the first Sunday of each month, with stalls set out in the main square.  Even when the skies are grey and the temperatures decidedly cool, there are always lots of people looking for treasures.

Here are the goodies that I found this week..
A set of kitchen storage canisters and a soap dish ..

If you're interested, listings for brocante fairs across south-west France are here.

mardi 2 avril 2013


Easter... and we have warm sunshine, blue skies and the fruit trees are begining to blossom.  The plum trees are first..

Pears, apples and cherries will be next..