dimanche 16 juin 2013

Herbs in the Garden

The herb border's looking pretty good...

Bright green chives with their lilac buds which then pop into big blowsy flowers...

Feathery fennel.. This one's still tiny and fresh but it'll soon be towering over everything else in the border...  Later in the summer there'll be the yellow flower heads and in the autumn, lots of aromatic fennel seeds to collect..

Here's a golden sage which gives a real splash of colour..

And just in front of the golden sage, some white chives with their delicate frilly flower spikes..


Here's some thyme.. This one is only just planted so still compact and green. 

Tucked in amongst the herbs are some self seeded pinks which have the most delicious scent..

You can't have a herb garden without parsley...  This Spring has been cooler than usual so the seeds have taken longer to grow but the parsley at least, is now romping away..

Finally, some tarragon..   Not much to look at, but the most lovely aniseed flavour.